About us


Thank you for visiting this website and your interest in Ingonyama ridgebacks.

We are Mandy en Niels Welboren.

We live in Heemskerk a small town in the Netherlands, wich is located about 40 km northwest of Amsterdam at the west coast of the province Noord Holland.

We have two kids and our “pack” consists of 2 Rhodesian Ridgeback females, called Danae en Bayan. We also have a cat called Donna.

Danae was our first Ridgeback, she came to us in 2013, our very first own family dog.     The parents of Mandy used to breed beagles in the past and therefore visiting dogshows ofcourse. 

Mandy start to participate dogshows with Danae, she did well, but Danae wasn’t comfortable at the shows. 

As soon as Danae was celebrating her first birthday we started to look around for a buddy. Our interest was for another girl, with in our minds the thoughts of breeding ourselves. We loved the Ridgebacks of Guntwaite an Burncote, so spend hours on the internet about importing a dog and so on..

By coincidence I met Nevra Sonmez with her beautiful  6 month old puppy, called Madam. We had a great trackingworkshop together and chatted about our dogs and my wishes and future dreams. She also told me that her girl had a Burncote grandma… I did not forget that..

One and a half year passed by and then in springtime 2016, I heard the news that Nevra had breeding plans with Madam, so I told it to Niels and asked him..shall we… O yes, he said!  

  So I contacted Nevra on Facebook and told her I wanted to be on her puppylist for a beauiful little girl with showing en breeding potential!! And she said, if there will be a girl who meets the wishes, yes you can..

So on september 9th, 2016, the summerlove puppies were born! 3 girls,6 boys.  And november 2016 we could take one of the girls with us, our little Bayan. Nevra has turkish roots, we love the name Madam, so we mixed those two…Bayan means Madam in turkish !!